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Northwestern Hair

 676 N St Clair St Ste 1575, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

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Illinois state,Chicago city, Streeterville county is located. Details are given to reach the business. It has an address and a phone number. Full address for business registration Northwestern Hair , Address details, 676 N St Clair St Ste 1575, Chicago, Il 60611, United States. Searched for keyword Illinois Chicago Streeterville Hair Replacement Service. Northwestern Hair found as company or location record. There is a phone number for the business or place. You can reach by phone.

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Average score of the business It appears to be 5 stars. There are 45 reviews and comments for Northwestern Hair business or place registration. According to these evaluations, the average score is 5

Some other information about the company is as follows;
Business or place zip code: 60611
Location of Business (Latitude - Longitude) : 41.8945907 - -87.6230625
County: Streeterville
City - State : Chicago, IL, United States
Language code : en
Country code : US
Time Zone : America/Chicago
Categorys : Hair replacement service , Hair transplantation clinic ,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States Where?

676 N St Clair St Ste 1575, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What is a phone number?

+1 312-266-6240

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What are coordinates?

41.8945907 / -87.6230625

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What are the Working Hours?

Monday: 8AM–5PM
Tuesday: 8AM–5PM
Wednesday: 8AM–5PM
Thursday: 8AM–5PM
Friday: 8AM–5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What is Timezone?


Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What is District, Province, Country Information

Chicago, IL, United States -US

Northwestern Hair - Chicago, IL, United States What are Related Industries?

Hair replacement service
Hair transplantation clinic

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676 N St Clair St Ste 1575, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

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 W J
( 5 )
( 4 weeks ago )
I considered a number of different options in Chicago, Skokie and surrounding suburbs. I was by far most impressed with Dr. Rawlani and Northwestern Hair. They have cutting edge technology including Micro Fue which very fair hair restoration centers are offering. This was attractive for me personally as its the least invasive hair transplant option. The clinic won me over on both price and attentiveness of the doctor and am satisfied overall with the treatment a year out. If you have doubts or concerns, strongly consider Northwestern Hair as a viable and professional option. It is a lifelong investment, and nothing but the best treatment option should be considered. I am confident that you are in good hands here!

 Dan Ashton
( 5 )
( 2 months ago )
I highly recommend Vinay and his team at NW Hair. They provide a customizable approach and have the experience to deliver at a reasonable price. Other providers at big companies can be pushy and pressure you, whereas Vinay does not. He’s a good communicator and can answer any question that you might have leading up to and after the procedure. The after procedure videos provided are very helpful too. Highly recommend!

 Monika Cieszynski
( 5 )
( a month ago )
Great team with experts that care about their patients. I like how Dr. Rawlani and his team individualize their hair rejuvenation treatments to each patient. He also offers virtual consultations with several videos on the website! Trust me, you do not want to go to the mainstream companies.

 Jim P.
( 5 )
( a month ago )
When making such a large investment in what is in most cases an unnecessary/cosmetic procedure, it is important to have confidence in the team - both the doctor and the technicians. In this case, not only was Dr. Rawlani incredibly communicative, informed and non-pressuring but the technical team that handled the procedure (run by Carmen) was very skilled. One year in and the results have been not only as hoped but also notable for the great, realistic-looking design. The procedure day was easy (enjoyable might be too strong a term, but it certainly was enjoyable in a sense), Dr. Rawlanis after-procedure videos were very helpful and realistic and the communication since has been great. Highly recommended.

( 5 )
( a month ago )
Dr. Vinay was awesome! Explained all my options for treatment and what to expect going forward. Felt very comfortable with the entire process and never felt pressured. Would highly recommend. Will update my review in November after my procedure.

 Marshall Violante
( 5 )
( 5 days ago )
I have had two hair transplants done with Northwestern and I couldn’t be happier with my results. The most recent procedure, I did the Micro Fue which is an even more detailed technique. I would say my recovery the second time was far easier, I was back to work In 3 days. Carmen the technician is an artist when it comes to the hairline. She’s a true professional with years of experience. Dr Vinay sends you home with a kit that has everything you’d need for a comfortable recovery. Overall I’m impressed with the outcome and have had great feedback from my peers. 10/10 would highly recommend.

 Martin Roland
( 5 )
( a month ago )
Look no further. I was thoroughly impressed and pleased with my experience from start to finish with NW Hair. Was shopping around and doing consultations with other clinics and was all but put off of the procedure until I stumbled across NW. I can not stress enough the differences between the Clinics you see big advertisements for and Northwestern. Excited to see my full results but only a few months post op and I’m feeling great about my decision to go with NW.

 Nikola Ilic
( 5 )
( a month ago )
Conveniently located with helpful staff this hair clinic is among the best in Chicago! I was a smooth, quick, and informative consultation process with real treatment options given to me along with key details about each option. I felt welcome, listened to, and better informed of my particular options for the results I wanted to maintain over the long term future. I appreciate having a world class clinic right in the heart of downtown that is was effortless from start to finish, I highly recommend Northwestern for your hair loss prevention needs!


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Monday 8AM–5PM
Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
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